Align With Your Soul: 3 Ways to Increase Your Energetic Alignment

What is alignment?  It is the matching up of your beliefs, words and actions to the higher purpose of your soul.  Any unhappiness, disappointment, anxiety or depression is an indicator that something is not in alignment within you.  As you become clearer about who you are, what you want, and what your purpose is, and start taking authentic action in these areas, you become more and more in alignment with who you truly are.

Misalignment is super common for most people.  As your consciousness begins to increase, and you get to know yourself better, you are more able to bring things more into alignment into your life.  This helps you feel better, more at peace, and more expansive.

It’s pretty easy to tell when things are out of alignment in your life.  Maybe you feel exhausted and unmotivated, or perhaps you are in relationships with people that drain your energy.  Maybe you just feel unhappy and can’t understand why.

Your soul always knows what’s in your highest good.  It’s always trying hard to communicate this with you through your emotions and contrast.  This means, for example, that the way you feel sad after being at work all day in a job you don’t enjoy is a messenger from your soul.  The message it’s trying to communicate is “Does this job really make you happy?  What do you really want?”

Many people misinterpret the messages they receive because they are using their logical brain and ego to make decisions.  Their brain would tell them “This job has great benefits” and “I love the people I work with.”  While these things may be true, the feeling of sadness will not go away until the real truth is acknowledged and brought into alignment.  This job is not feeding your soul or bringing you joy, go find something that does.  You are meant to be fulfilled and happy in all parts of your life.

You came here to bring yourself more and more into alignment with you higher self.  To remember who you were before you were born and the powerful being you truly are.  To reconnect to the essence of who you were before your parents were born.

We all go through to some degree, a period of disconnection and misalignment in our lives.  Pain and wounding from the past can get in the way of us connecting to who we really are.  Your soul is always in there waiting and watching for you to feel that spark of remembering the magical being you are.

The awakening to this being can come in small ways, or through a crisis.  It’s the little whisper telling you that you are a powerful being made of light, here to increase your consciousness in order to help raise the vibration of the planet.

The most common way I have seen in my experience that people wake up to living more in alignment with their truth is through contrast.  They get to the point where they have to make some big changes in their life because they are not happy.  I have seen this commonly start in one area, such as job or friends, and then as they start learning who they really are and what they really want, they start making changes in other area of their lives as well.

This is the planet of contrast, as Abraham Hicks says, “When the contrast gets greater, the desire gets greater too, and that’s what miracles are from.  A miracle is nothing more than a terrible situation that has caused strong desire and then somehow an alignment of energy with the desire.”  We are here to experience what we don’t want in order to become more clear about what we do want.

Why would we want to become more aligned?  Well so many reasons, but an important one is that you will feel so much better!  Your happiness will increase, you will feel more peaceful, engaged and connected.  Your feelings of anxiety and depression will decrease, and you will have more energy.  Also, it serves as an inspirational example to those around you, heightening their vibration and those they come in contact with as well.  And, it’s really fun!

Here are some practical ways to find and live in a more aligned place for yourself:

  1. Take intuitive inventory of your life:

Take some time to get clear on what is working and what is not in your life.  Not from a logical, box checking, financial perspective.  From a soul perspective.

One way to do this is some automatic writing.  I like to do this after meditating, in order to get out of my mind and into a more intuitive soul connected place.  So after practicing a meditation for 10-20 minutes as a way to clear your mind and raise your vibration, pull out a beautiful journal.

Take a blank sheet of paper and write at the top “Please express to me what is in my highest good about ____” Making sure to keep it general.  Instead of asking about a specific job or relationship, making it more broad like, “Please express to me what is in my highest good about partnership, or purpose, or connections”.

Over time, using this practice to gain insight to how your higher self really feels about all the areas of your life.  Even if you are not ready to make changes in any or all of these parts of your life, it is important for your consciousness to acknowledge where you are out of alignment, in order to start preparing you for the changes that need to occur to feel more aligned with your truth.

  1. Start to become more aware of the signs:

What this means is, paying close attention to your feelings and energy all of the time.  The more you are connected to the wisdom of your body, you will start realizing that it has been sending you pretty clear messages all along, you were just too busy to pay attention.

When you feel shaky and depressed after the third attempt to convince a friend that you want the relationship to change and they are not hearing you, this is a sign!!  Your body is clearly communicating with you that you need to reevaluate this friendship in order to bring it more into alignment with your truth.  When someone in your life is repeatedly not hearing or honoring you, it’s probably time to say goodbye.

Any discomfort is really just a sign that either your circumstances or your perceptions are a little or a lot out of alignment with your higher self.

The feeling of joy is also a sign.  Even if it doesn’t make any logical sense to you that you feel joy in certain situations, starting to acknowledge that feeling will help you be guided by it.  Following the sparks of joy and excitement that you feel is a sure way to step more into alignment.

Say you feel super joyful when baking for example, and dream about opening a bakery, but you currently work in a bank.  Start paying more attention to your feelings and energy when you are baking, and begin acknowledging to yourself the difference between that and the depression you feel at the bank.

Well before you are ready to make any changes, the beginning of awareness of how the two scenarios make you feel will help you move more towards the aligned and joyful choice as you gain confidence in trusting your internal signs.

  1. Check your thoughts:

Sometimes misalignment just means misperception.  If you have a lovely life full of miracles, but you are only looking for the negative, that is what you will experience.

This doesn’t mean to use your beautiful brain to convince yourself to stay in situations that aren’t good for you by using positive thoughts.  It does mean to get clear on an intuitive level with what is in alignment with your truth and to make the necessary changes in your life.

Along the way, using your thoughts to remind you of gratitude for what you have, while you are making changes.  At the same time, reminding yourself how grateful you are to now know what would really help you live authentically and moving toward integrating those things into or out of your life.

Your thoughts or ego may try to get in the way of you changing things to become more authentic.  Fear thoughts such as “I’m scared to be alone” or “I’ll never find another job” or “It’s just too hard” are very common.  Don’t listen to them!  They are not true!

As you step more into your truth, you will start recognizing that these fear thoughts are so silly and cute and have no truth behind them at all.  It starts becoming more and more clear that there is no other option besides living authentically, and these thoughts and your trust in them diminish more and more.

Discovering who you are, and living from this aligned place is a lifelong practice.  I’m sure you will find that moving through the process will bring more light and energy into your life.  You’ll look back and say “What was I waiting for?”  Have fun, your soul is waiting to help!

Shana Olmstead, Intuitive Consultant

I see my life purpose as helping people to awaken to the truth of their divine nature, the powerful spiritual beings that they are. I have assisted hundreds of clients in my therapy practice to wake up to the understanding that we are all made of source energy, and are here to increase our consciousness and joy to help the evolution everyone on the planet. I am so excited and inspired to continue helping people through their own awakening! Contact me to schedule an appointment in person in Kirkland, Washington ​or for a phone or video consultation wherever you are located.