Have you ever felt there was something more to life?

  • Do you have a pretty ok (or great on paper) life but feel that there’s something missing?
  • Are you searching for your life purpose?
  • Are you scared of what happens after death?
  • Do you ever think that you could be feeling more safe, centered and at peace?
  • Have you struggled with organized religion in the past but still know there is something larger than us?

We are all so blessed for the most part in many ways.  Many people in our area have more than enough: food, money, a beautiful home, a great job, a loving family, etc.  I have seen this time and time again in my office and the community.  There are more resources than we could ever need or want, but yet. Happiness and peace are elusive.

Many of us are raised and trained to believe that if we just get the right grades, get into the right college, get the right job in the right field, get married and have 2.5 children and a dog etc., then of course we will be happy.

Not Living in Alignment With Your Soul Will Never Make You Happy

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”

Albert Einstein                                                               

In other words, in order to change your life, you have to expand your consciousness.  Any “problems” we are experiencing are just manifestations of the level of consciousness we are currently embodying.  We often need to break down many of our prior beliefs about ourselves and the world in order to expand into our greatest potential.  My job is to assist you in raising your consciousness and frequency to a new level so that you can be aware of and manifest powerful new possibilities in your life. 

More and more people in my experience are realizing that following the rules of society, their parents, or whatever else they think is the “right” thing to do, which very often does not lead to authentic and consistent peace and happiness.  Their logical brain (and most of the people around them) tell them that this life is supposed to make them happy, which just ends up making it worse because they judge themselves for not being happy when they “should” be.

This cycle often continues until the pain or numbness increases to an unbearable degree.  People start questioning their paths, their jobs and their relationships.  They start asking questions like “Is this all there is?”  And “why am I so unhappy when I have all of this?”

This is generally when they end up in my office, and I am so delighted and excited to help them discover the truth about themselves and their soul.  I help them understand that there is so much more to life than what we see.  I help connect them to that universal source of loving energy that is ever present all around us all of the time.  The resulting increase in consciousness this creates allows this apparent “breakdown” to truly becoming an amazing and life changing breakthrough!

Many People on the Planet are Awakening Right Now

“Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness”        

Eckhart Tolle 

We are all evolving all the time, consciously or not.  Creating consciousness around your awakening process helps you be able to evolve in the way you really want.  In alignment with your soul, towards your amazing potential that is beyond anything you can imagine from your current state of awareness.

We are undergoing a great awakening in consciousness process on earth right now which means that many more of us than ever before are starting to wonder what else is out there.  People are starting to question their logical left brain way of living and feeling that there is a different way of being.  We all are starting to wake up more and more to the understanding that there is much more than our limited vision of reality tells us.

I have heard many times in my office as we go through the intuitive consulting process that the same things are happening in their lives but they are feeling so differently about them.  As people expand in consciousness they also see the prior events of their lives in a different way.  Without anger, judgment, or blame and with more acceptance, compassion and understanding of the bigger picture.

My biggest passion in life and the reason I do what I do for a living is that I have gone through my own process of spiritual awakening that changed everything about the way I see the world and the way I lived my life from then on.  This opened me up to the calling that I have now to help others professionally to expand their consciousness in order to continue the evolution of awareness of humanity. I understand this process on a deeply personal level and am so honored and blessed that it is my job to help others awaken as well!  I have compassion and empathy for all stages of the journey of a personal evolution of consciousness, and am highly skilled in helping others navigate the stages as well.

Expanding your consciousness is not the same as being religious.  It is the process of developing your own personal philosophy of “the bigger picture” that makes sense to you in a loving and supportive way.  It is often actually a process of stripping away and reexamining for yourself any previous belief systems that do not resonate with your ever evolving soul.  It is the process of coming home to who you truly are, who you have always been but have just forgotten over the years of being unaware.

This is a very individualized process for each soul, as we are all so beautifully unique.  I utilize my own experiences, my intuitive abilities as well as my many years of training and learning about spiritual traditions in order to help individuals awaken to their own spiritual and intuitive nature.

We all heal ourselves, I am simply a facilitator and am able to assist in increasing my client’s vibrations and intuitive abilities in session in order to remind them of who they truly are.  Through this process they are able to tap into this feeling in their lives and maintain it more consistently in the future.

I think I might be ready to “wake up” but I’m nervous or unsure about what that means…

Will I have to go live in a cave and meditate and look at crystals all day?

Intuitive consulting and the resulting awakening process is unique and individual for each person.  I do not believe it is ideal or healthy for people to shut themselves off from the world and their life in order to transform.  All of the aspects of our lives are already here to teach us in every moment to awaken.  The process is to increase awareness and consciously welcome this integration of meaning into day to day life.  Life is magical and amazing already, it’s just opening up to the understanding of this concept.

Will my friends and family understand or think I’m weird?

As we awaken and become more conscious it is very common to perceive the people and relationships in our lives in a different way.  As we grow, if those around us aren’t growing in the same ways it can definitely change relationships.  The more aware you become through the process, however the less and less it matters to you what the people around you think of you and your beliefs.  As you expand your consciousness your relationships will evolve in ways that will be in the highest good of all involved.

Will I have to change how I live?

Intuitive consulting often creates a wakeup call to take a look at the things in our live that are no longer in alignment with our newly evolved level of awareness, and often changes naturally unfold in jobs, relationships and other areas of our lives.  These are changes that your intuition has probably already been guiding you to pay attention to, and as you align yourself more closely with your soul’s path these changes will not only be easy but will feel absolutely necessary to you.  Your evolution becomes your highest calling and benefits all areas of your life as well as all those you are in relationship to.

If any of this resonates with you, just know that there are no accidents.  You did not end up on this page coincidentally.  Your soul is giving you a nudge to wake up, and I can help you continue that process.   

Intuitive consulting is not traditional therapy, and therefore has a different payment structure.  Insurance will not be used due to the expansive nature of the work.  Insurance forces us to create a diagnosis and an artificial structure that is not conducive to this deep soul work.  Payment for intuitive consulting sessions is $150.

Please call (206) 799-0936 or send me an email or appointment request to begin or continue your conscious evolution process today, your soul has been waiting!

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