My passion and life’s work is connecting with people and helping them to believe the best about themselves. I believe everyone is capable of transformation

I earned my Bachelors of Science in Health Psychology and Spirituality from Bastyr University. There, I learned how to integrate the mind and body in therapy. Body and mind are deeply connected, and learning how to work with both together can be transformational in a way that psychotherapy alone cannot. I then completed my Masters of Arts in Psychology, specializing in Systems Counseling, at the LIOS Graduate College of Saybrook University, which helped me to complete my clinical training and solidify my understanding of how family systems work together.

I use a holistic, integrative approach to therapy, addressing the body, mind and authentic self of each client. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Positive Psychology and Family Systems theories are some of the traditional therapeutic techniques in my work. In addition, I integrate mindfulness, intuition, visualization and breathing exercises into work with my clients.

I became a psychotherapist to help people who are stuck change the way they think about themselves and the world. I know that therapy can be transformative, and I am so inspired when I see my clients grow and change. I love what I do, and continue to educate myself by attending trainings and workshops. I also volunteer regularly in the mental health field to give back to my community.

When you come into my office, I will strive to help you feel safe, respected and most importantly, truly listened to. My job is to support you and create a safe space for you to work through the issues that may be blocking you from achieving your full potential.

Please fill out an appointment request or call (206) 799-0936 to schedule your appointment!