I have been so happy ever since starting therapy sessions with Shana 2 years ago.  She helped me through the loss of my father and helped me rediscover who I am and what I want from life.  She has taken the time to do the hard work of sparking true happiness within me.  Before starting with Shana I was taking SSRI antidepressants which, although very effective at treating my depression, caused severe side effects that led me to discontinue taking them.  I’m happy to say that with Shana’s help I’m equally as happy now, but without the SSRI’s and nasty side effects.  It feels like a more genuine, lasting happiness.  She has also given me the tools to effectively deal with those inevitable curveballs that life throws at all of us.  I can’t thank her enough for the gift she has given me.


It has been an absolute pleasure to have Shana as my guide to achieve mind, spirit and body balance, I’ve learnt to connect with my higher self, to be more present and consciously aware of all my surroundings and the infinite possibilities. Shana has been fantastic, helping me see things in a new light, I’m always looking forward to my sessions with her, and she has been truly life changing. She’s a positive, supportive, professional and intuitive person who genuinely cares about people’s feelings and knows how to listen closely. Her therapy has helped me grow immensely, she is amazing at guiding you to connect with your full potential.  I highly recommend her!!!

Isabel P.

“My work with Shana has been an ongoing revelation. Shana has an amazing ability to empathize, yet focus on practical approaches to issues and challenges that come up, both large and small. She is attentive, compassionate, and humorous. But I guess the main measure of her approach is the positive impact it has had on my life over the time we have spent together. Really, it’s like having that perfect non-judgmental friend whose advice you always seek because you know it comes from a place of wisdom and truth.”


I highly recommend Shana. She is a highly talented, compassionate, and intuitive person. Since seeing her my thoughts have been more focused on joy & love vs. the anxiety and lack of sleep I had been previously experiencing. Since seeing her I have created a deeper level of peace and calm. I absolutely look forward to her guiding me to find the roots of past traumas which were blocking me from healing. Also since seeing her I have been able to alleviate some tremendous physical chronic pain that had been plaguing me for over 15 years! Absolutely recommend!!


I came to Shana basically lost in life, with an anxiety disorder that had left me feeling hopeless for ever being able to achieve happiness. I had talked to other therapists, but felt like I was only temporarily blowing off steam and not making any progress. Shana’s training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy really appealed to me, so I scheduled a session with her and I will forever be grateful that I did.
Shana opened my eyes to a new way of thinking, of living, of being. She kindly and patiently gave me the tools to work on understanding what was causing my unhappiness, and how to heal. I left every session with a goal to work on before our next meeting, which greatly helped my progression. With her guidance, I have literally transformed my life and now feel like I could take on anything. I would absolutely recommend Shana to anyone that needs support through a rough time, or guidance to a happier, more fulfilling life


“My experience with Shana is that she’s a wonderfully patient and compassionate therapist and, most importantly, a great teacher.  She always seems to have the right questions to get you to broaden your viewpoints or challenge unhelpful patterns.  In my time with Shana, I’ve certainly improved my overall mental health, but the greatest gift has been the confidence that I will continue my growth and the tools and resources to make that happen.”


When I searched for a counselor I was looking for someone casual and relatable, yet intuitive and highly conscious. I am so grateful to have found Shana because she is all of that and more! I go into every session not really knowing what we’re going to work on but, every time, Shana provides space for me to find a natural flow in letting go of what truly needed to be released. I leave feeling more empowered with a new set of intentions for my life. And, she does all of this with so much joy! Shana’s positive energy sheds a light of playfulness on difficult situations, which allows me to see those situations in a new way and, therefore, transform them!


I met Shana over 2 years ago, burnt out, emotionally detached to the career I once thought was my purpose in life, unhappy and frustrated with my partner. I was overwhelmed, was blaming everyone for my unhappiness and was angry and felt alone.

I remember vividly at one of our session and I want to say this was one my turning points, the beginning of my spiritual experience and awakening. She asked me about nursing and the reason I pursued it, I told her about the letter I wrote and my memory of my grandmother who had passed away.

Through a series of unscripted questions from Shana, it made me realize that at such a young kid, I was different. No one understand that, and I was surrounded by people who were not conscious enough to understand that, and I, myself was also not conscious enough to grasp that concept. I tried to conform to the societal rules, family traditions and expectations and this was causing a strife within me, my body and my soul.

Through my sessions with Shana, my internal reflections, answering the hard questions, I was able to connect to my inner self, cherish my gifts and sensitivities, and quiet the voice of doubt. I am able to connect to my beautiful spiritual guides, the nature and the universe. It is absolutely beautiful, the growth and endless possibilities. I still have a long way to go, but I am more determined now to fully accept who I am as a spiritual being on this planet, at this time. It is truly exciting to continue to work with Shana and to continue fostering my growth and my connection with everyone.

Karl C.F.

I’ve been seeing Shana for almost three years now and it’s difficult to describe the impact she’s had on my life. I’ve grown so much emotionally and have tackled some of the most challenging obstacles I have ever faced and could not have done it without her guidance and support. The relationships I have with friends and family are so much stronger and richer because of the insights she’s provided. I look forward to my sessions ever month because she’s honestly a joy to speak to. My only wish is that I would have started seeing her sooner.


It’s hard for me to even articulate what an impact in meeting Shana Olmstead has done for me. The safe space she has provided for me in the last year, has challenged me to love bigger, live larger, stretch beyond my comfort zone, and be more authentic to myself and in relationships close to me. I’m not even sure why I really sought out counseling, as asking for help is something I struggle with. However, the weight of being stuck was greater than the fear of being vulnerable, and I knew deep down that I would never be happy just doing the status quo. Meeting Shana has helped me uncover some of those road blocks, as well as help me through one of the most difficult years in my life with grief and unanticipated transitions. I feel challenged, encouraged and supported in each meeting with her, and for that I’m forever grateful! I do know that I still have work to do….but I welcome the opportunities ahead knowing that I have someone like Shana in my corner to push me to look at things with other lenses and to be my best self.

Lisa M.

I wasn’t open to help and I’m beyond happy I waited or else I wouldn’t have Shana guiding me. She has changed my perspective of absolutely everything in my world and I now feel hopeful about my future. She has taught me that more than anyone else I deserve my love and affection and forgiveness (still a work in progress but the idea is instilled). She encouraged meditation and connecting with my soul and these have led to a better understanding of my emotions and made healing a possibility. When I met Shana I was 5 foot under digging my own grave and now I look back and see Mt. Everest sitting over that grave and I owe it all to her!

Joanie A.

For most of my life from youth to early twenties I lived in constant anxiety. I felt like I needed to be ready to get into arguments and defend myself and my beliefs. Then when I did get into arguments, my emotions felt uncontrollable, my heart would race, and my body feel numb. When I first started working with Shana I was genuinely surprised that there was another way to exist in the world; a peaceful, mindful way that allowed me to be my authentic self. It is no exaggeration whatsoever when I say my learnings with her were life changing. Now, both in work and my personal life, I’m able to conduct myself with grace and empathy in a way that lifts my own spirit and those of everyone around me.

Ellie K.

Shana encouraged me to reach within myself, to my inner guidance, to find my own best pathways to healing.  In doing this, she helped me develop skills to get in touch with my emotional body so that I could start understanding how I was feeling.   She also helped me explore why I was tolerating things in my life that were not serving me and gently guided me to finding the courage to make positive changes.  In the time that I have been working with Shana, I have grown emotionally and spiritually.  Today I am still (and always will be) a work in progress, but I am so much more at peace and feel that I am living my true purpose.  I am grateful to have found her and to have had the opportunity to work with her.


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