anxiety-treatment-kirkland-washingtonDo You Feel On-Edge All the Time?

  • Are you frequently worried, even about things that you know are actually fine
  • Have you been feeling stressed, anxious or just “off”?
  • Do you ever feel your heart beating fast or tension in your shoulders or neck for “no reason”?
  • Are you scared of things you know rationally are not scary?
  • Do you wish you could feel more content and peaceful?

Anxiety comes in many forms. You may not know why you feel so bad so much of the time. Perhaps you are always thinking, worrying or wondering about what might go wrong or obsessing about things that already have. You may be worried about all the things in your life that are keeping you busy and stressed. Maybe you are always rushing, thinking about work when you’re at home, home when you’re at work and both when you’re lying awake in the middle of the night.

Maybe you wake up with a feeling of dread, and the certainty that something will go wrong leaves you terrified and paralyzed, even when some other part of your brain knows that everything is okay. You might not be sure why things feel so hard and scary, but they do. You may worry about being a good parent, child, employee, spouse, friend, etc. You may be facing a significant life transition, have a conflict you are struggling with or know there are difficult conversations in your future. Or, maybe you don’t know where your worries and fears are coming from. Perhaps it doesn’t feel like life can ever just be easy and peaceful.

You may talk to family and friends about how you’ve been feeling, or, like many people, you may feel ashamed and try to hide your emotions. You might keep it inside, blaming and judging yourself, which might just make the feelings worse. Maybe you feel like your thoughts are spinning and spinning, and you don’t know how to turn them off. You may think you are the only one experiencing this and feel isolated and alone.

Many People Struggle to Shake Worry and Fear

The truth is, you are definitely not alone. Many people struggle with symptoms of anxiety. We were each born with a system in our bodies and minds that are meant to monitor our environment for danger so that we are ready when it appears. In the past, this was very effective for our survival. We lived in a responsive way, and when danger did arise, our bodies and minds were prepared for it and reacted appropriately.

In our current society and culture, that same internal system is bombarded almost constantly by things such as our high stress jobs, new modes of technology, disconnection from nature, continual reliance on our phones to feel “connected” and increasing alienation from those around us. These new environmental factors trick our bodies and minds into producing chemicals that create the feeling of fear almost constantly. This is a feeling of high alert, worry and anxiety that doesn’t really make rational sense, but feels real because our bodies and mind think it is. And, our busy lifestyles allow us little time to slow down in order to know that we feel anxious, let alone do anything about it. Thankfully, there is a way to take a breath and find lasting relief.

Anxiety Treatment Can Help You Rediscover Peace

Our natural state as humans is mostly responsive and peaceful. Anxiety treatment can help you get back to that state. With help you can learn to identify when your fear system is being activated, distinguish between different intensities of danger and learn new ways to manage it in order to return much more quickly to your natural, serene way of being.

In sessions, I use a uniquely holistic approach that allows me a more diverse range of therapeutic techniques to help my clients achieve their goals quickly and sustain them more permanently. I have an empowering approach with my clients, I believe that you always have the power to achieve your goals – you just may not realize it yet. I can connect with you on a deep level and help you to create the awareness that will sustain your new peace of mind for the future.

The awareness that comes from anxiety treatment can create lasting change that does not reverse, go away or get forgotten. It can change who you are, how you perceive yourself and the way you think. With help and support, you can learn to manage any future stressors or worries in a different way so that you can enjoy life-long relief.

You may believe that anxiety treatment can help you feel peaceful again, but still have questions or concerns…

This is just how I am. I’m an anxious person.

Maybe this has been true in the past but some parts of “who you are” can be changeable if you want them to be. Once you start to understand the issues underlying your anxiety, you can begin the work of intentionally re-wiring your brain in order to reduce anxiety and increase lasting peace of mind. New research continues to prove that our brains are always evolving, and we actually have a lot more control over this process than was previously understood. Once you begin the process of creating more awareness of what you are feeling and thinking, you can use that awareness to begin gently shifting the ways in which your brain is wired – from fearful and anxious, to more peaceful and happy. You have the power to permanently change your brain for the better!

I don’t have time for anxiety treatment.

You may already be stressed, rushed and “too busy” for anything besides your already full life and feel unsure that you have time to work on yourself. “I can handle it,” you might think. However, by learning to reduce your anxiety, you can actually feel like you have more time and space in your life. When you are ready and motivated for change, relief from anxiety is achievable fairly quickly and can be sustained for the future.

How can talking about it help?

Just talking about anxiety probably wouldn’t help – that’s why anxiety treatment is not just talking about anxiety. It is opening up (maybe for the first time ever) and talking about your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs in a safe and compassionate environment. You will learn specific techniques for managing and reducing your anxiety. Anxiety treatment is dynamic and interactive, and is much more than just talking about anxiety.

You don’t have to feel stuck in worry or fear anymore. I invite you to contact me (206) 799-0936 or send me an appointment request so that we can get to the work of creating more inner peace and freedom in your life!

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