Anxiety comes in many forms. You may not know why you feel so bad so much of the time. Perhaps you are always thinking, worrying or wondering about what might go wrong or obsessing about things that already have.
We are all so blessed for the most part in many ways. Many people in our area have more than enough: food, money, a beautiful home, a great job, a loving family, etc. There are more resources than we could ever need or want, but yet. Happiness and peace are elusive.
Much of your life right now is probably spent “mindlessly.” Maybe you are going through your day and doing what you need to do, but not really paying attention or feeling present or engaged. Perhaps you feel increasingly dissatisfied, down or anxious.


You don’t have to believe everything you think.

Everyone goes through times in their lives when they need a new perspective. Making some time to understand yourself and your relationships can help you move forward in a new and more productive way. Maybe you just don’t know where to start. Or, maybe you’ve tried everything, but nothing seems to change. You may be held back by thoughts and feelings you’re not even aware of. I can collaborate with you to discover what these are and shift them so you can live your best life. By seeking help, you are taking the first step toward proving that your thoughts and feelings do not have to control your life.

My specialty is helping people turn up the volume on their true inner voice. The one that is always kind, loving and aware of what’s best for you.

Our thoughts create our actions, and simple shifts in thinking can create new positive changes in your life. I’ll help you uncover what’s underneath the negativity so you can start living your best life. Once you are aware of how you’re feeling, you can make the choice to not believe your negative thoughts anymore.

You can start feeling better, connecting in your relationships and really listening to what your gut has been trying to tell you all along. Together, we will examine and work through any old “stuff” that is getting in the way of you listening to and trusting what really matters, your own inner voice. You can make the positive changes you have been longing for.

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