Before You Get Out of Bed: 7 Ways to Be Happy All Day!

How do you usually feel in the morning when you wake up? How intentional are you about how you want to feel for the rest of the day?  There are some secrets that happy people know. By adopting some new morning habits, you can set your day up to support happiness. The steps are pretty easy and just take a little time each day.

  1. Before jumping out of bed and getting a start on your tasks, take a little time to set your intention for the day. It can be too easy to rush into the day with everything you need to get done. Taking a few moments to decide how you want your day to go can make a big difference in how you feel.  For example: “Today, I decide to be kind to myself.”
  2. Find something to read that makes you feel inspired and read a bit before getting out of bed. Placea daily inspiring quote book, or other spiritual or uplifting text by your bedside table. This will remind you of some positive truths and help ground you before you get lost in the dailyhustle.
  3. Next, take five minutes of quiet reflection. Close your eyes, focus on your breath, let your thoughts go and keep coming back to notice your breath. Just five minutes of mindful meditation in the morning has been proven to reduce anxiety and promote well-being throughout the day.
  4. Before leaving bed, take some time to think of what you’re grateful for this day. Writing down three things you’re grateful for increases a sense of well-being and compassion that will help you feel at peace throughout the rest of the day.
  5. Write down positive affirmations. This can increase your motivation and the possibility of bringing what you want into your life.  For example, filling a page with the phrase “I am confident, happy and grounded”  can you rewire your brain and set the tone for a positive and peaceful day.
  6. Remind yourself of your strengths and paying attention to them first thing in the morning. You can set yourself up to notice positive things throughout the day. Reminding yourself that of things that make you feel safe, healthy and connected can help prime your brain to be more aware of the positive things all around you every day.
  7. The final step is to remind yourself to check in with yourself throughout the day. Promise yourself to notice if anything feels imbalanced so that you can bring yourself back to the peaceful feeling you started the day with. Nurture compassion for yourself if you forget during the day. We all forget sometimes. Practicegently reminding yourself and bringing any worry, fear, or stress back to peace. The more you practice with awareness, the more this conscious “practice” will become an integrated “habit” and part of who you are.

Altogether, this should only take about 10-15 minutes each morning. Over time, you can see the benefits and look forward to this time to connect with yourself each day.

The secret sauce to happiness is awareness of unconscious thoughts and feelings, and the intention of shifting negative emotions or beliefs to more helpful and supportive ones.  If you can start your day with the awareness and peace of mind as your goal, you are well on your way to setting up a morning of peaceful awareness. With repetition and practice, this will gradually become a whole day, and over time, a lifetime of more peace, happiness and joy.